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Questions And Answers

Questions And Answers​

Q. How does the Cremation Society™ of Oklahoma work?

A. The Cremation Society™ is notified immediately at the time of death. The body is then transported to the Demuth Funeral Home & Cremation Society's office and crematory facility where it is held until the death certificate and cremation permit can be issued by the State Medical Examiner's Office and the body is then cremated.

Q. Where is the body held prior to the cremation taking place and does the body have to be embalmed?

A. The body is held at the Demuth Funeral Home & Cremation Society's modern on-site facilities and with proper refrigeration the body does not have to be embalmed. 

Q. Is there any viewing of the body allowed prior the cremation taking place?

A. With a direct cremation the body is not embalmed, so traditional viewing options are limited. We can accommodate a one-time identification viewing at our Demuth Funeral Home & Cremation Society facilities for the immediate family members only.

Q. Where does the Cremation Society™ perform the actual cremation process?

A. Demuth Funeral Home & Cremation Society™ has its own crematory on-site at our facilities. This allows all aspects of your cremation to be handled by us at one convenient location.

Q. What happens to the "ashes" after cremation?

A. The cremated remains, "ashes", will be handled according to any written instructions or returned to the next-of-kin to do with as they choose.

Q. Do you have to purchase an urn for the cremated remains?

A. No. The cremated remains may be returned in a temporary container at no cost.

Q. At the time of death what is the cost for a direct cremation service?

A. The cost of a direct cremation service is presently $1,550 for Cremation Society™ members. This fee is payable at the time services are rendered. The charge to non-members, whom we also serve, is $1,650.

Q. Is payment required before the body will be transported from the place of death to the Cremation Society's facilities?

A. No. Demuth Funeral Home & Cremation SocietyTM  will transport the body from the place of death to our facilities prior to payment. However, payment is due before the actual cremation takes place.

Q. Is the price of $1,550 for a direct cremation service good for the entire state of Oklahoma?

A. Yes. Demuth Funeral Home & Cremation Society™ of Oklahoma offers statewide service at the same price. However, there is an additional transportation charge beyond 50 miles of $3.00 per mile, one way, from our office.

Q. Can you pre-pay the direct cremation cost of $1,550?

A. Yes. You will also receive a lifetime guarantee that this is all you will ever pay. The pre-paid funds will be placed with an Oklahoma licensed and supervised insurance company. At the time of death Demuth Funeral Home & Cremation Society™ retains the principle plus any growth, in consideration of your lifetime guarantee.

Q. Are these pre-paid funds refundable?

A. In accordance with Oklahoma Statutes, prepaid funeral funds, whether with any funeral home or Demuth Funeral Home & Cremation Society™ of Oklahoma, are refundable, including any growth that has occurred on the account. 

Q. What other services do you offer the survivors after death?

A. Demuth Funeral Home & Cremation Society™ will assist the survivors in: arranging a memorial service; placing a newspaper death notice; printing memorial folders; obtaining certified copies of the death certificate; notifying Social Security; and filing for veteran's burial benefits.

Q. Do Social Security and Veteran's benefits apply to the Cremation Society™ services?

A. Yes. As an eligible surviving spouse to a decedent you will receive Social Security benefits, which at the present time are $255. Families of eligible Veterans are entitled to receive the veteran's burial allowance, U.S. Flag and government grave marker. The burial benefits will vary depending upon the eligibility of the veteran.

Q. What happens if the death occurs outside of the State of Oklahoma?

A. Demuth Funeral Home & Cremation Society™ will assist the survivors in making cremation arrangements in the state in which death occurs. 

Q. May I change the instructions in the future?

A. Yes. You may change any instructions you wish by just contacting us.

Q. Is the modern trend toward Cremation?

A. Definitely. Cremation is being utilized in more than one-half of all deaths in some parts of the country. Of course cremation is as old as man himself, having been practiced for centuries in other cultures. Our modern approach is simply a reflection of our growing concern for the environment combined with an appreciation for the simplicity and dignity of the cremation rite.

Q. How do you join the Cremation Society™ of Oklahoma?

A. Complete the Membership Registration Form for the Cremation Society™ of Oklahoma and pay a one time membership fee of $15.00 for each individual membership. This fee defrays the cost of setting up and maintaining the records. It is not refundable nor is it an offset to final cremation costs. We will register the membersip and send out a wallet-sized membership card and a certificate of registration. Members or family members may call or write us regarding any related questions. By removing this troublesome burden you will be doing a very thoughtful thing for your surviving loved ones. 

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